Dun da da Dun - My Wedding Inspiration

It's wedding season, and I certainly have caught the wedding bug. Alright, alright sure it's because I'm engaged, but I'm truly the girl that has been planning her wedding loooong before she was engaged. Sad? A little. Ashamed? Never!

So where do we begin...back at the beginning I suppose. Without a doubt, wedding planning begins by looking for inspiration. You need to think about what vibe you want the wedding to have. Do you want a huge party, an intimate gathering or just the two of you? Black tie? Casual? The question of your desired vibe should be asked throughout the entire planning process, as it can dictate so many of your decisions.

Then you need to think about colors and possibly a theme. How would you describe your wedding in three words?

For us, we wanted an intimate wedding of only close family and friends. The smaller the better. Question one answered. Check. Next, color and theme...Since I can remember, I've loved all things nautical (as if you couldn't tell :P ). So, I had always known I would have a nautical wedding. But it didn't stop there. I just couldn't get the idea of a winter wedding out of my head. The warmth, the twinkle lights and the joy of the holiday season. 99% of the time, you hear nautical wedding and you think summer. But I wanted everything I dreamed about. It is the only wedding I'll have after all! So, in three words, we are having a cozy nautical winter wedding.

Muted greens reflect a mermaids tail. Twinkle lights glimmer like sun on the water. And one day, she rises out of the water and forever steals his heart.

All photos courtesy of Pinterest