Pen Pals

Yesterday, we were given the dreaded news that our engagement photos have been postponed until the weather gets better =( Soooo, it's turned into a lazy Sunday. I'm sitting on my couch looking for wedding invitation inspiration, watching Animal Planet, and finding great new blogs to read.  With all of this internet searching, I was brought back with the amusing thought of pen pals...! Did anyone ever have one when they were little?


When I was in elementary school, we were each assigned a pen pal who we wrote to weekly. It seriously was one of my favorite childhood memories. There's just something about receiving that envelope with your name on it, knowing that it's traveled miles to reach you (especially when you're little and never receive anything)! Knowing that someone took the time to write to you can turn a bad day instantly into a good one. You try telling me you don't like receiving letters.............That's what I thought...

I recently found out that schools would no longer be teaching children how to write in cursive. Call me traditional, but I was crushed by this realization. You can get to know someone so much through their handwriting...Technology is great, but I can never imagine an email becoming a antique. Something I would want to hang on my wall. Something I would cherish. Words will always be words, thoughtful and endearing as they can be. But the language of one that cannot be replaced. 

Because I love letters so much, I am vowing to make sure I write more letters. My lazy Sunday resolution...starting now...xx