Oh the Weather Outside is...Wonderful!

Good Morning Lovelies! 

I had an urge today to write about Fall & Winter, and all the wonderful things I love about it! 

Cozy Fireplace with Fur Rug

Cozy Fireplace with Fur Rug

To kick start this blog, I'll begin with...drum roll please...dun da da dunnnn, Makeup! Surprise Surprise =P This is probably one of the best times to buy new makeup. Not only are all the holiday collections released (my favorite!), but most major makeup brands release new value gift sets. What does that mean for all us makeup obsessed? More great products for less money! Just started exploring makeup? This is a great time for you as well, as you can usually find all-in-one value sets for way less...AND if you're Nice, Santa may just get it for you for Christmas!

Keep an eye out for my upcoming blogs. I'm planning a Christmas Beauty Gift Guide for Her. Picked up most of the goodies this weekend! 

Speaking of Christmas, it is my absolute favorite holiday -- isn't it everybody's?!? Undoubtedly, Christmas is responsible for Fall & Winter being thousands of times better than Spring and Summer. From the smell of spices and pine filling your home, to the twinkling lights on the tree, nothing competes with Christmas. All year, I wait patiently for the day after Thanksgiving so we can pick out a tree, and I can begin decorating. **Shhh last year I began decorating in October I was so excited!** Family, friends and shopping...what more could a girl ask for???

Now let's talk weather. Yes yes, I know most of you are thinking it's cold, it's dreary, and in most places it's wet. But those are all the things I love about it! There is nothing like cozy-ing up next to a fire, wrapped in my faux fur blanket, with a hot cup of spiced chai tea. If you don't love that, we may need to have a heart to heart conversation...

Last but not least, I could not complete this blog without including the fabulous-ness that is Fall & Winter fashion. Boots, scarves and chunky knits oh my! I am the girl that is ALWAYS cold when everyone else is roasting. So as you can imagine, when I can finally have an excuse to bundle up and not look out of season, I am secretly jumping for joy inside. My coworkers even bought me a personal blanket for the office just so they could turn down the heat. Yeah =Go Fall/Winter Fashion!!!

I have to make a special mention about love of socks. Tall, short, chunky and thin, colorful, plain, with lace and trim. While my sister may have a slightly larger addiction to them than I (love you Meggie) do not discredit my love for them. There truly is a pair of socks for every outfit in Fall & Winter -- a simple way to add dimensional layers and be extra cozy! What's not to love?

Comment below and let me know what your favorite things about Fall & Winter are. Are you a sunshine lover or do you openly welcome the crisp coolness of the Fall/Winter months?