Collagen (Skin)

Main structural protein in skin. Occurs in the form of fibers, and is found in connective tissue. The "strength" and "durability" providing the smooth, plump appearance of skin.

Glycolic Acid

Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) naturally derived from cane sugar. Helps exfoliate, promoting skin cell turnover. Great for anti-aging, lightening discoloration, and combating blackheads and acne prone skin.


Protein that keeps skin flexible.


Pigment produced in your skin as a defense against ultraviolet (UV) rays.


Microscopic polymer that is perfectly spherical instead of irregular. When opaque, the spherical surface scatters light. Discoloration, uneven skin tone and fine lines will appear to have faded, due to optically reducing contrast on the skin.

Sebaceous Gland

Microscopic gland that produces oil, known as sebum.


Fatty lubricant matter secreted by sebaceous glands of the skin.






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