My Skin Care Routine: Hada Labo Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Over the past few months, pretty much all of my skin care products ran ALL of them...I take my skin very seriously, and it is most certainly an area I don't hold back on. So the first thing that crossed my mind was "Really? They're ALL out?!?! Cha-ching! Cha-ching!" My second thought was that while I liked my current products, I still had some skin concerns I wanted to address. So I decide to switch up my routine and try a few new products. Well, I couldn't be happier I did! My skin is much more even, I only get a spot(s) every now and then, and I feel my skin is far less oily than it used to be! 

One of my absolute favorite blogs/vlogs to read are skin care routines. Having suffered from acne and oily skin, there's nothing more hopeful to me than a product that works! So, in light of my new, successful discoveries, I've decided to do a series on my latest skin care routine.

One of the first products I picked up took me back to the essentials - a cleanser. I previously used the Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Cleanser and wasn't to impressed. I love their Honey Oat & Cleanser and had full intentions of purchasing that again, but I was completely out of product and couldn't wait for it to ship. So I popped by Walgreen's in search of a hold-over until then. 

After strolling the aisles, I had decided on a Noxema cleanser...The product isn't my favorite, but the smell takes me back to my childhood and it was only temporary. As I was making my way to the front, I was stopped by a beautiful new display featuring Hada Labo products. I was immediately enticed as I've had such great experiences with Japanese skin care products. Not to mention there was a $3 off coupon! I quickly put back the Noxema and picked up the Hada Labo Tokyo Hydrating Facial Cleanser.


Hada Labo's Hydrating Facial Cleanser is a deep cleansing, rich lather face wash. Free of alcohol, parabens, fragrance, dyes and mineral oil making it a great product for all skin types. The listed active ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid Plus. So what is that? 

Hyaluronic Acid is a fluid naturally found in your body. It can be found in your connective and nerve tissue, as well as your skin! This fluid is made up of tons of sugar units. When more sugar molecules are added, it grows longer and the overall shape becomes spherical. So what does that mean for skin care? Youthful looking skin. Hyaluronic acid is labeled as an anti-aging ingredient when used in beauty products. With its great water binding properties, it reduces the look of wrinkles, dull and/or dry skin. Restoring the skins natural pH levels, you're left with healthy, glowing skin. Who doesn't want that?

Q&A: Do you have oily skin? Using products that balance your skins natural pH levels drastically reduces oil production.

Use: Morning and Night

First Impression: I was impressed that truly a pea size (as directed) really does develop into a lush lather! My skin was left feeling very clean without feeling stripped, dry or powdery as other foaming cleansers have done in the past. ++

Overall Impression: After two months of religious use, I am very impressed by this product. I feel this is a great prep step for my skin care treatments, really removing any makeup and debris on my skin. Plus, it's only $12! My skin feels and looks healthier, and my oil production has undoubtedly reduced...Yay!!!

Any esthetician will always tell you, if you can't afford all of the fancy skin treatments that's fine, but make sure you find a great cleanser for your skin. 

Stay tuned for the rest of the products I use in my skin care routine! xo