Haul: Skin Care ++

Hello Lovelies!

So as of late, I ran out of all my skin care products...like all of them. My moisturizers, sunscreen, face wash, masks, toner....the whole shebang. Normally, I run to my favorite products, but I've been feeling like my skin was starting to adapt to them, and they were no longer performing to their utmost capabilities. While tragic, I never can wait for an opportunity to try new things. After compiling my goodies, I realized I had enough for a haul! So without further ado, here are the things I picked up...


To start off my list, one of the first things I purchased was the Hada Labo Hydrating Facial Cleanser with Hylauronic Acid. I've actually heard very little about this brand, but I've been loving Japanese skin care lines lately (hasn't everyone?) I was looking for a new foaming cleanser, and this captured my attention with its clean label and it's affordable price tag.

Note: Walgreen's has a $3 off coupon bringing this down to $8.99 ! Look for it at the Hada Labo display.


Next, I pick up another package of Exfoliating Round Cotton Pads. I love these. They really help get any last bit of makeup off my skin. A must!


I have done a lot of research on different toners over the years. I've been so in love with my Michael Todd Blue Algae Toner, I had a hard time finding something I actually wanted to try. So many of them either contain alcohol and are to drying, or leave me feeling just the opposite with a greasy, filmy layer. After trying the much hyped about eye cream from Origins and loving it, I decided to explore their world of toners. I ended up choosing the Origins Zero Oil Pore Purifying Toner with Saw Palmetto and Mint to try to help combat my oily skin. With salicylic acid to promote skin cell turnover, I'm hoping it'll also turnover my aversion to trying a new toner and maybe discover a new favorite. We'll see!


By far, my latest skin care obsession is sea salt. Seriously, it has done wonders for my body and I have been on the hunt for anything sea salt related for my face in hopes that it would do the same. I found this Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub while on my hunt for some bath bombs and was astounded that I had not seen it before. With sea salt and citrus for exfoliating, and coconut and avocado for hydrating, I seriously hope that this becomes a favorite. It sounds like everything I was looking for! Did I mention it smells wonderful??? I can't wait to try it! 


As mention, while at Lush, I also picked up a Green Bubbleroon bomb. Infused with shea butter, coconut oil and citrus, it sounds like a winner. BUT the biggest selling point for me? It seriously turns your bathwater to a mint green color.  A. Mint green is my favorite color.  B. It's like stepping into a bubbly tropical oasis. Who wouldn't want that?


One of the main products I wanted to get when I began my search was this Sephora Favorites SkinCleanse Vol. 2. It features nine different deluxe sample size skin care products, and a reusable black dotted cosmetic bag. I've had my eye on four of the products in here and was so excited to find something were I could try them all without purchasing the full size versions...and for less the cost of one item alone!


The labeling/packaging for this H2O+ Body Balm pretty much speaks for itself. Mint Green. Check. Sea mineral infused. Check. Lovely scent. Check. Affordable. Check.


The last of my skin care products was this Dead Sea Mud Spa mask from Ulta. My fiance and I had tried a mud bath a while back and I LOVED it. It's a weird mix of childhood dreams of submersing yourself in mud and complete relaxation. Together they make the ultimate experience. I have full intentions of going back, but until I can a mud mask will have to do. Side note: I despise this packaging...It looks like a demon is being extracted from her, doesn't it???


I picked up three different NYX products while I was at Ulta. First, I found the much hyped about Butter Gloss (this took me forever to get my hands on!) in Cherry Cheese Cake. I really want the Tiramisu as well, but it was all sold out : ( I also picked up a new Retractable Lip Liner in Vanilla Sky - a nice light beige color. And lastly, the Butter Lip Balm in Marshmallow. I loved this swatched on my hand. It wasn't to light in color that it would sit in all of my lip lines, but it toned down some of the pink/red that I'm always trying to get rid of.

Oh! I also purchased the Wonder Pencil in light to clean up and line the outside my lips. A great way to clean up your brows and line your water line too! Sorry I forgot to take a pic : ( 

Note to Girl at Ulta: You were incredibly rude. Just because I walked in with no makeup doesn't mean you can disrespect me. You're getting paid to help customers, not talk to your coworker about your trip to CA...then proceed to look me up and down like I'm not even worthy of being in your presence. It's because of people like you that girls/women develop insecurities. Please do us all a favor and get a new job.


I won't go on about this as so many people already rave about it, but I repurchased a can of Batiste Dry Shampoo. I'm really firm about not washing my hair every day so as not to strip its natural oils. However, I have really fine hair that looks oily very quickly. When dry shampoo took off in the market, I immediately began researching different brands. To date, this is still my favorite. Wild is my favorite scent, but it's so hard to come by in the US. 


The last item, and one I'm most excited about, is the Japonesque Dual Sided Brush 110. Half the brush is real hair and the other is synthetic. One for applying, and one for blending. It looks like a mix between a foundation brush and a buffing brush, both sides being super soft to the touch. I think this will be a great all-in-one face brush, perfect for travel. Don't let me down brush!

I hope you lovelies enjoyed this. Let me know in the comments below if your tried any of these and what you think! xo