Fact Friday: Origin of Makeup

Do you know where the concept of makeup was born?

  • a. Ancient Greece
  • b. Ancient Rome
  • c. Ancient Egypt
  • d. Old England

If you guessed "c. Ancient Egypt" you are correct! While makeup has been seen throughout history, makeup first dates back to the Ancient Egyptians. 

Egyptians used makeup for three reason: belief that it had magical powers, medicinal purposes and of course to reduce signs of aging. Often the medicinal and mystical powers of makeup were the same, though that's not what Egyptians wanted to believe.

Ancient Egyptian Painting - Applying Makeup

Ancient Egyptian Painting - Applying Makeup

The substance Galena "Kohl," used as eyeliner and mascara, helped strengthen the Egyptians immune system as well as deflected glare away from the eyes. The use of colored clay, applied as lip stain and blush, helped to shield the skin from the sun. And castor oil, used as anti-age skin care, helped with intestinal troubles.

Other common substances used were Malachite as green eyeshadow, beeswax as a wrinkle fighter, and Henna as an eyeshadow, hair dye and a form of nail polish. Many of these elements are still used today!

The "Cat Eye," as we so dubbed it, has made itself extremely popular since the early days of ancient Egypt. It has become one of the most sought after looks as well as one of the most versatile! What's your favorite cat eye look? Bold and defined or sweet and subtle? #BDLMCatEye Send me pictures of your favorites!