My first memory of loving all things beauty takes me back to when I was seven. I remember standing in the door of my mom's beautiful bathroom watching her put her makeup on. "I can't wait to do that one day" is all I ever thought. The whole process was so transcendent to me. Every morning I watched my mom become a queen, and I could not wait to become the pretty pretty princess.

When I turned thirteen, it finally happened. The words my mom told me that day are words I will never forget. "If you're going to wear [makeup], you need to know how to wear it right." She sat me down, and I had my first makeup lesson.

As I grew older, my love for beauty only grew with me. I began offering free makeovers to anyone who wanted one and constantly jumped at the opportunity to tell someone about some new amazing product I discovered.

So, after watching hundreds of beauty related videos and reading countless blogs, I have finally mustered up the courage to create a beauty blog of my own.

My Mission

Since I was little, my mom's words have guided me in every beauty decision I've made. From applying eye makeup, picking foundation, to creating the perfect contour color. I now focus on four aspects when looking at any beauty product: who, what, where and why. Let those be my guiding steps for every phase of my blog.

About Me

Twenty-something year old slightly obsessed with skin care, makeup, cats and pretty much anything nautical. Married to an amazing man who perfectly defines what my "other half" should be. Love being crafty, but a firm believer that crafty crap is, in fact, just crap. Guilty of over using the word EPIC to describe how I want things to turn out...girl's gotta dream big :)

Enjoy, Lovelies!